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Why we got started..

     Anti-Aging Weight Loss Clinic ( formerly Plan B Weight Loss Clinic ) was formed out of necessity for our clients. 

     Many people are frustrated with their weight, fearful of health problems associated with weight gain and increasingly at odds with their own self-image.

     For many, our lifestyle habits, daily food choices and lack of activity all contribute to our weight creeping up over time. Many have tried fad diets, exercise programs and herbal alternatives, but they are missing some of the other key components for successful weight loss and maintenance.

    Anti-Aging Weight Loss Clinic will provide the missing components, through individual counseling with a medical provider during your visit.

We can help 

     We help you identify challenging obstacles assist you in planning for minor lifestyle changes to provide you with a lifestyle plan for successful weight loss. Sometimes we need someone to just point us in the right direction. Our Clinic has found, with the right plan, philosophy, support and education, anyone can obtain their weight goals.


     Our goal is not only to help you lose the weight, but to give you the right mental attitude and positive outlook to help you keep the weight off.

     Whether you want to lose 10 or 50 pounds, every weight loss goal needs a plan to help get you there. Anti-Aging Weight Loss Clinic in San Jose, California helps you with a blueprint for successful weight loss.


     We promote a philosophy of caring to help you achieve your healthy weight goals.

     Our programs will give you the foundation for change, better health and the ability to maintain a healthier new you.

     People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care!

Our C.A.R.E  system

     We care about your health, your weight, and your goals. For this reason we created the C.A.R.E. system of weight loss.

     The C.A.R.E. system applies to all facets of weight loss, whether it is nutrition, exercise, or lifestyle changes.

C  =   Commitment, Consistency, & Compliance

A  =   Action & Accountability

R  =   Readiness for change

E  =   Exercise & Eating right

     Anti-Aging  Weight Loss Clinic C.A.R.E. system is for people who have tried many different ways to lose their weight, but always seem to end up battling with it again.


     Most people do not plan to fail, but only fail to follow a good plan.

The Plan..

   With Anti-Age Weight Loss Clinic , we provide an easy to follow plan, which will bring weight loss success in the present moment and help teach people how to maintain it into the future.

  • Exercise Plan- We support and promote the implementation of a regular exercise plan into your daily weight loss plan. With this one lifestyle habit you can have a positive effect on all other aspects of your life such as stress, sleep, health, and weight loss.

  • Lifestyle Plan – Most people do not set out to gain weight, but rather end up with lifestyle habits which are not conducive to weight loss. Anti Aging Weight Loss Clinic helps you identify those habits which are not contributing to your goal and help identify the habits that do!

  • Medication Plan – After an initial and thorough assessment by our medical professional, utilizing FDA approved appetite suppressants and B12 injections, we offer an individually tailored, medically supervised weight loss program to help shed those unwanted pounds safely and effectively.


  • Mental Plan - With a positive mental attitude, anything is possible! Through continued support and motivation, we hope to help keep you in that positive mental state which is all so important in the journey of weight loss.


  • Menu Plan- We will help you develop a meal plan which is right for you. The clinic menu plan is about eating many of the same foods you already eat, but in a more portion specific amount. We not only educate you on the do’s of nutrition, but also the don’ts when it comes to daily eating habits.

We are a members of the:

  • A4M ( American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine)

  • ACAM (American College For Advancement in Medicine ) Obesity Medical Association

Maria G. Gherman, MD
Medical Director

Maricruz Gonzalez, MA 
Medical Assistant
Kevin Nguyen, FNP-C
Lead Aesthetic Nurse
Clara Ricabal, RN 
Aesthetic Nurse
Xochitl Ortiz, MA Medical Assistant
Jessica Martinez, MA 
Medical Assistant
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