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Hormone Replacement Services

     Did you know... A woman's levels of estradiol abruptly drops to less than 20% of her youthful levels as she approaches the age of 51? Similarly, a man's Testosterone level declines, starting around the age of 35

     Dr. Maria G. Gherman MD, MPH specializes in evaluating and prescribing Hormone Replacements for female menopause, male andropause, somatopause and other hormone deficiencies.

     Dr Gherman will provide a comprehensive medical consultation of your chronological age with the goal to improve the biological age and to optimize the quality of life by preventing diseases and premature aging through hormone balancing and integrative therapy.

     The age management consultation will include:

  • A comprehensive physical exam

  • a thorough evaluation of patient's expressed symptoms

  • current nutrition status

  • evaluation of fitness

  • a review of current medications

  • thorough evaluation of past medical history

  • family and social medical history

  • a review of the baseline preventive medicine blood tests and interventions


     You will be asked to bring your most recent blood work, EKG, mammogram, and Pap Smear results upon initial visit if available. Further testing may be requested by Dr Gherman to get an accurate diagnosis and prescription. The hormone panel levels will be reviewed and the proper natural FDA approved Hormones will be prescribed with individualized and customized doses at a compounding pharmacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it really work?

    A: yes, we have had patients report improvements in mood, more energy, higher libido, and increased muscle mass.

Q: How often would you need to check my labs / blood work?

    A: every 6 months

Q: How much of a supply would you prescribe to me?

    A: 1 months supply

Q: What if I don't feel anything after taking a month's worth of medicine?

    A: We can draw labs for you at this location if you are reporting no changes, this is just to make sure the dose is appropriate.

Q: I don't wan to give myself injections, can you prescribe me a different form of hormones?

    A: We do offer topical creams, capsules, tablets, and dissolvables. If you have other requests for method of administration, we can discuss further options.

Q: Do you take insurance?

    A: We do accept some FSA and HSA plans. It depends on your insurance provider. We can provide you with a receipt of sales history to write as health related  costs.

Call us to schedule a free 15 minute summarized evaluation of our Age Management Program to get a general idea if Hormone Replacement Therapy may be an option for you.

     Wondering what type of men's or women's age related changes apply to you? Want to see how you score on our symptoms questionnaire? Do you have at least 10 minutes to take a quick quiz? READY... Set.. GO

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