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About Our Weight Loss Program..

     Our program views excessive weight as a medical condition requiring medical attention. This program involves the use of FDA-approved medications.

     An initial assessment is required upon your first visit to check if it is safe for you to take the medication. Once the medical professional has performed a thorough initial assessment, and it is deemed safe for you to proceed, medication can be provided to fit your specific needs.

Appetite Suppressants

     The following medications are approved for weight loss in conjunction with a nutritional program and exercise. These medications are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In or order for the program and medications to be effective, you must follow a reduced-calorie diet and exercise a minimum of three times per week in conjunction with the medication. In addition, to maintain your weight loss and prevent future weight gain, the changes that you made in your diet and consistent exercise must be continued after the weight has been lost.

  • Phentermine

  • Phendimetrazine

  • Topiramate

     Most appetite suppressants will be dispensed to you 30 day supply bottles or as recommended by provider.

     While on the weight loss program, our clinic staff will be monitoring your vitals and weight during the recommended weekly visit. In addition, our clinic will perform monthly BODY COMPOSITION tests to help you track your progress and see a computed record. This includes circumference measurements once a month, measurements of your muscle mass, fat mass, basal metabolic rate, ideal daily caloric intake, and total body water distribution to help you visualize the actual numbers to help motivate your weight loss goals.

     You will be required to meet with our provider once every 3 months to ensure that the initial prescribed appetite suppressant is appropriate for you.


     Ideally, we recommend each patient to visit our clinic once a week to track their weight loss progress, hear verbal reassurance, helpful tips, and motivation by our friendly staff. We want to help you stay motivated and accountable by checking your weight on a regular basis.

     In addition to appetite suppressants, we recommend coupling lipotropic injections of B12 or Ultra Burn to achieve the best weight loss results. 

     Our clinic also offers the 30 & 40 day HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) diet program. We have both injectable HCG and oral melting HCG gels. Most patients that complete the HCG program lose between 15-40lbs in 4-6 weeks and are satisfied with the decline in measured body fat. Each patient is encouraged to have a Body Composition performed on a weekly basis to track progress and adjust nutritional requirement needs.

     Your health and safety is first and foremost at Anti-Aging Weight Loss clinic. If you have specific questions, please contact us.

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